A Coin of Lysanias

Coin of Lysanias

Lysanias, Tetrarch of Chalcis, ruled from 40 to 36 BCE, until he was put to death by Marc Antony and his lands given to Cleopatra (Josephus' Jewish Antiquities 15.4.1 92). In Luke 3:1, a Lysanias is identified as ruler of the nearby area of Abilene in 30 CE, which has led to some controversy .

This coin depicts the crowned head of Lysanias himself. On the reverse is the goddess Athena standing holding an image of the victory goddess Nike, a spear, and a shield; the inscription reads "Lysanias, Tetrarch and Archiereos."

(Source: David R. Sear,  Greek Coins and their Values, Vol. 2 (Seaby, 1979)).

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